Chapter 13 – Marketing


1. Identify the marketing activities used in the hospitality and tourism industry; know the difference between marketing and advertising.
2. Identify the role of marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry and the purpose of measuring return on investment (ROI) for all marketing efforts.
3. Identify the four Ps of marketing and the role of each in the development of a marketing plan.
4. Identify the purpose of analyzing market segments when deciding which target market to focus on when build a marketing plan, strategy, and message.
5. Explain the use of demographics and psychographics in researching and positioning products for specific market segments or target markets.
6. Identify the purpose of communicating marketing messages to guests.
7. Explain the role of ethics and ethical practices in hospitality and tourism marketing.
8. Explain the purpose of implementing green practices as part of the marketing plan, strategy, or message.