Chapter 9 – Faculties Management


1. Identify the role of the facilities management department at a hotel.
2. Identify the responsibilities of the facilities management department.
3. Identify the primary responsibilities of the chief engineer in overseeing the operation of the facilities management department.
4. Explain the importance of a well-maintained property for both the interior and exterior spaces.
5. Explain the purpose of facilities management regularly scheduling and performing preventive maintenance, routine inspections, and manufacturer-recommended maintenance on systems, equipment, and other high-cost items.
6. Identify the process for reporting, completing, and tracking repairs by the facilities management department.
7. Identify the role of year-round routine maintenance for grounds, landscaping, high-traffic guest areas, and snow clearing.
8. Discuss the four key planning areas for an emergency preparedness plan along with the role of maintaining emergency backup systems at a hotel.
9. Identify the three E’s of green initiatives and most common green practices that fall under the facilities management department.