Chapter 9 – Food and Beverage Service Leadership


1. Identify the organizational structures of various food and beverage operations, and describe how restaurants attract and retain staff.
2. Explain the steps involved in menu planning and menu design, and explain the value of periodic menu evaluation.
3. Describe procedures and issues involved with purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, and controlling food and beverage operation supplies and equipment.
4. Describe the process of planning the design and choosing the d├ęcor of food and beverage operations, and summarize the cleaning process.
5. Describe the critical role of food sanitation in food and beverage operations, and outline workplace safety responsibilities of managers.
6. Discuss labor and revenue control, and explain how food and beverage managers forecast sales.
7. Explain how food and beverage operations are addressing requests for healthier food options, sustainable foods, and food allergy issues.