Mid-point Review: Units 1-6

NOTE: This review is designed for longer courses that span over 2+ semesters. While it would be good information for everyone, it may take too much time out of a single semester. Please allow for extra time.


Beginning of Second Semester Review (recommended).

The topics below will help you create a review of the key learning concepts of Units 1-6:

Cultural Differences: Cultural Differences in Service

  • Identifying visitors and defining cultural awareness
  • The Lodging Introducing hotels, rooms, and departments
  • C: Language: Word stress; practice countries, nationalities and numbers.

Stereotypes: Using Generalizations

  • Generalizations VS. stereotypes-Avoid stereotyping by using special language
  • Parts of a hotel.
  • Sentence Stress
  • Interview questions for English practice

International Service Expectations

  • Professional behaviours – Acknowledging the guest when busy;
  • First Come, First Served; The 10 foot, 5 foot rule
  • Professional language – welcoming, appropriate greetings (times of day); good byes.
  • Common conversations in the Spa, Maintenance & Security Departments

Nonverbal Communication: Body Language

  • Use professional body language in the workplace
  • Handshakes and facial expressions
  • Professional body language
  • Using introductions & greetings

Conscious Communication: Active Listening

  • Using active listening to increase communication
  • Housekeeper/ guest interactions; Paraphrasing, summarizing

Connecting With Guests: First Impression

  • Language: Speaking – Polite speech, softening language, modal verbs, qualifiers, active voice, passive voice. Small talk topics; topics to avoid
  • Food & Beverage – Room Service / Banquets