Course plans

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Choosing your course plan

Students learning the 3A Hospitality English program will have varying levels of English. It is important to cover the key material, but it will be necessary to adapt your class to your students’ level of English.

The COURSE PLANS TABLE (download) is suggestive only. When developing your teaching plan, please note that all students need to learn the material in COURSE PLAN A to be able to become certified. COURSE PLAN A is found in the first TWO columns of the course plans table. The first column is based on the TEXTBOOK, the second column, the WORKBOOK. Note the material if framed by a heavy black line for easy identification.

COURSE PLAN A was designed for more advanced students, who need less practice in English or have some service experience. All sections of the program are covered.
Subsequent columns represent COURSE PLANS B (45 hours), C (60 hours), and D (72 hours).

COURSE PLAN B specifically identifies suggested PROJECTS and provides additional industry knowledge. This option provides more opportunity for personalization. Highly recommended for higher-level English speakers with less international service experience.

COURSE PLAN C provides important opportunities for English usage, vocabulary acquisition and speaking practice. All English learners would benefit from industry specific vocabulary. Note these workbook exercises thoroughly review Standard English language such as using adjectives appropriately.

COURSE PLAN D doubles the time to learn and practice specific English grammar. In addition, students write and present multiple dialogues and role-plays allowing for ample opportunity to engrain service language into their professional service lexicon.